Floor Care Essentials
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The goods displayed on racks and shelves draw shoppers into a retail store. But it's the store's cleanliness that makes them stay.

If the store's environment isn't neat, tidy and clean, shoppers will leave quickly. They won't spend their money, and they certainly won't tell their friends about their experience.

In fact, 97% of people rank cleanliness as an important factor in choosing where to shop. Specifically, 86% of shoppers say they will leave a store if it has dirty floors. That means you simply can't go without an effective floor care program.

Our best practices guide, "Hard Floor Care that Makes Retail Shine - A Holistic View," will show you how to develop a program that ensures your store is a place shoppers want to come. You'll learn: 
  • The five key components of a floor care program,
  • Cleaning recommendations and schedules specific to the retail environment,
  • The DIRT Cleaning Routine,
  • How to maintain floor cleaning equipment,
  • Ways to measure the success of your floor cleaning program.
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