Stay On Budget with Maximized Staffing
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Keeping people safe during a health crisis calls for buildings to be cleaned more frequently and with a focus on high-touch areas. However, budgets haven't increased to reflect the need for higher level cleaning. The answer? Smarter staffing based on data-driven decision making.

Tennant Co. has partnered with Dave Frank, CEO of the American Institute for Cleaning Science, to bring you a free on-demand webinar. You'll learn best practices for how you can keep buildings clean, while staying on budget.

In our on-demand webinar, "Smart Staffing – Workloading Made Simple," you'll learn to put data to work for you. Topics include:
  • How to increase quality while lowering costs,
  • Effective benchmarking methods,
  • How to calculate staffing costs,
  • To collect facility data to justify staffing levels,
  • The difference between theoretical and practical production rates,
  • How to conduct a risk assessment based on the makeup of a specific building.
These tools will help you maximize staffing levels and employ effective cost containment strategies so you can get the job done using existing resources.
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