Cleaning Robotics Can Help Prioritize Cleanliness at Your Store
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The rapid increase in public health awareness is driving rising customer expectations─ they want to see cleaning happening to feel confident and safe. This is leading grocery retailers to see that effective cleaning not only protects customers, but also provides vital protection to staff and to business continuity.

That's why Tennant Co. and Brain Corp have partnered to bring you the latest retail cleaning best practices. Designed to decrease the risk of disease transfer while maintaining a customer-friendly store image, these tips will help you meet customer expectations and keep your employees and your customers feeling safe and healthy.

Dave Frank, president of the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences, will join experts from Tennant and Brain Corp in this on-demand webinar. You'll learn how grocery stores can utilize robotic cleaning machines to enhance cleaning efficacy, freeing up essential workers to sanitize high-contact surfaces, restock shelves, provide customer support or take a much-needed break.

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